"Unix on mobiles is not a dream..."

PHP_NIX_OS is a Web Operating System for mobile devices that emulates a Unix-like OS. It is written throughout in PHP and was coded and optimized keeping performances and stability in mind. You can use it on you computer too. Click here for the official documentation.

PHP_NIX_OS e' un "sistema operativo online" per dispositivi mobili in grado di emulare un UNIX-like OS. E' scritto interamente in PHP ed è stato programmato ed ottimizzato tendendo conto della stabilità e delle performance. Puoi comunque utilizzarlo anche dal tuo pc. Clicca qui per la documentazione ufficiale.


November 20, 2008 by Mauro Gentile
Hi friends... Some cool screenshots from an Iphone.. :)

1. A Shell session

2. Gui

Click here for a lot of other screenshots.
August 26, 2008 by Mauro Gentile
Hello boys! Few days ago I attended the fantastic Moca 08 Hacking Camp (I also met Captain Crunch and Saverio of Ninux), and I had the opportunity to receive comments regarding PHP_NIX_OS from a lot of boys with a wide experience in the IT sector.
After some talking, I realized that PHP_NIX_OS seemed to them functional, pleasant and almost complete. However, I was recommended to change (quickly :D) the project definition that has up until now appeared on the site: PHP_NIX_OS shouldn't be named as an "operating system", see new definition on top!

I also thought to make some interesting but still experimental changes to PHP_NIX_OS, to generate a sort of remote control: now the system is going to manage our remote computer (with reasonable limits) from our mobile device. At the moment I can't be very specific, I'm not sure that this idea is possible, but to give you a faint idea, we've already implemented the "halt" ("shutdown -s" on Win) command.
Stay tuned!

August 6, 2008 by Mauro Gentile
PHP_NIX_OS 0.5.2v has been released! You can download source code here; enjoy yourself!
About this release: I tried to re-examine source code and stabilize the operating system in question, so that everything becomes more usable by a mobile device. The code is showing slightly more intuitive, so anyone with minimal knowledge in php can expand the code writing new functions, like new commands to the shell or new programs for the gui.

(A shell session and the default desktop)

The main features of this release can be summarized in:
Screenshots: here
For info: php_nix_os_root (at) users.sourceforge (dot) net

July 12, 2008 by Mauro Gentile
Hello boys, as you have noticed the project has taken a short rest due to my commitments, namely university exams. Now that the summer's finally come, it's important to have a lot of fun, but also to find time to make the next version of php_nix_os the lighter and prettier ever! I hope to start writing down the code as soon as possible, stay tuned!

PHP_NIX_OS v 0.6 is under construction!

April 01, 2008 by Mauro Gentile
Hello to all boys, I recreated graphics of the site, as you can see everything has remained extremely minimal, considering the fact that what is important is the content!
I write this news to show my presence ... I need to continue to write code for a new version of PHP_NIX_OS, however, the university occupies much of my time, and then I have to give my best to improve compliance in the shortest possible time!

In addition, I must stress that PHP_NIX_OS needs a logo ... send me some graphics creation!

March 01, 2008 by Mauro Gentile
PHP_NIX_OS v. 0.5 has been released under GPL License. Here you can find a lot of important informations about this young (but very cool...) release:
Important features about the last version:


PHP_NIX_OS is a Web Operating System for mobile devices that emulates a Unix-like OS. It is written throughout in PHP and html and programmed to be used by a browser, it is specially developed for use on mobile devices such as cellular or at least handhelds with internal browser applications or equivalent. The application essentially serves to manipulate files through an interface very similar to a Unix-like terminal, but at the same time it includes the possibility to use a shell on a mobile device and a simple gui that is very user-friendly.

Most likely some astute reader is thinking that there is nothing new in a shell in PHP, just think to those used in attacks both type RFI/LFI (Remote/Local File Inclusion for hackers); PHP_NIX_OS actually differs for the simple reason which aims to be used on a mobile phone, the pages are in fact extremely simple, the graphics almost non-existent, considering the fact that most users have a phone company that scales credit on the basis of bytes exchanged during the web browsing. Consequently, the objective is to provide an usable "Web OS" from any device that can connect to the Internet!


Official documentation is being processed, and will be issued shortly ... Wait calmly :)


Currently the development team is composed only by me, Mauro Gentile, I dedicate to create and the transcript of the code in php. However, I would like to thank a big friend Pietro Stroia [betatester] for his important role during translating (Italian -> English) the documentation, his important advices regarding PHP_NIX_OS and his passion for Linux (Arch... Linux :P).

If anyone is interested in participating in the project, whoever they may be, can send an e-mail to php_nix_os_root (at) users.sourceforge (dot) net.


There are a lot of things to do and complete, considering the fact that the project is very young. Consequently, the list of resolutions is really long and ambitious. However, I can draw a diagram to understand those updates suffered PHP_NIX_OS starting from its first version (0.3):

version 0.3

version 0.4
version 0.5
version 0.5.2